I always get like seizures of happiness when I see American stars embracing Bollywood’s stars. I’ve grown up with both cultures and it’s just really inspiring to see both worlds coming together.

And true to form, Lady Gaga, never seizes to amaze me, so I didn’t except any less when she brought her world tour to India. She even did a special rendition of “Marry The Night” with a sitar.

I’m absolutely in love with this new version, it’s just so captivating now backed with the sitar and slower. Although I am annoyed by the aunty in the video who just won’t stfu. Seriously, aunty? Even at a concert, you still have to keep talking? -_-

“Greeting the crowd with “Namaste, India”, Lady Gaga makes her first appearance in front of India’s press. ‘I have wanted to come to this beautiful country for a very long time, and finally it’s possible'”
“Lady Gaga dyed her hair white, green and orange to match the country’s flag.”

Lady Gaga begins a day of interviews in front of India’s entertainment press. Throughout the day she learned that ga means to sing in Hindi. “So in Hindi, I guess my name is Lady to sing-to sing”

“Lady Gaga celebrating her first performance in India with Bollywood stars Arjun Rampal and Shah Rukh Khan. She later tweeted ‘Screw Hollywood, it’s all about Bollywood'” The picture that was retweeted a million times over by Desi Monsters worldwide, myself included, real talk.

“Lady Gaga, surrounded by her dancers, prays before she takes the stage in India. She performed five songs, including an exclusive piano and sitar performance of Marry The Night.”

She just looks sp classic and refined in the following pictures.
For me, this is the Gaga I love the most.
You simply can’t do wrong in the right sari 😉

At The Taj Mahal Hotel wearing Tarun Tahiliani.

Photographed by Jamie-James Medina

[Captions from Source]

I also want to include that she visited an orphan for HIV positive children in Delhi and requested that no media cover it.