New York City

I love the first of January, the significance of starting anew, leaving (or at least attempting) old habits behind, testing new ones, but most importantly, moving forward.

It’s so easy to take advantage of time and forget how much has changed within a year.

A year ago, if you had told me I was going to be living in New York City, meeting and working with some of the most incredibly talented people in the world; I would have slapped your face in for playing with my emotions and making fun of my dreams like that.

I really do believe if you truly want something so bad, God/ the Universe/ whatever you believe in will open the doors and clear the roads for you. It’s just up to you to decide what the next move is.

It’s just amazing how hard it is to be an optimist in this world, you have cynics every where. I remember on my formspring I had some people making fun of me calling myself an actress because I hadn’t “been in anything.”

When I was younger, I would have thought “making it” meant being on the covers of magazines and it all the box office hits but now I know it means having talent and being respected by your peers, even the rest of the world has no clue who you are.

That’s all I want now, to be happy concentrating and doing what I love. If you want to knock me for it, that’s fine but at the end of the day, you do you and I’ll do me.

My New Year’s Resolutions:

The Overall Year Ones:

1. The usual: Lose weight
Only doing it properly; eating right, working out more, & keeping the curves I love.

Starting weight: 122 lbs
Goal weight: 110 lbs
Extra Credit Goal: 105 lbs

[Melanie Iglesias is totally my thinspiration *sigh*]

2. Blog more!!
At least once a week. I miss writing and I want to do things a little different then I did before. All the blogs I love do the “Outfits of the Day” but I have to wear a uniform for Sephora & all black for See so my clothes are always nondescript haha so I’m actually going to do “Makeup Of the Day” since I get to experiment everyday.

3. Be more responsible:
Schedule in my calendar, learn to budget, and just stop being lazy! This city and time do not wait for anyone!

4. Pray more.
I honestly feel like there are so many blessings in my life and I’m not thanking the Lord enough 😦

5. Stay in touch more with my family & loved ones.
I’m horrible at this and I need to be better at it…

The “Fun” Ones:

1. Buy my first Louboutins (on my own penny)

2. Learn how to put fake lashes on, by myself, fluidly & perfectly

3. Finally try my first Laudree macaroons

4. Read again, one book a month

5. Give people a reason to remember my name….


Today is the last day on Earth…
(calm down, calm down)
…in the year, 2011.

This year has been bittersweet with adventures I would have never thought possible:

  • I moved to New York City (duh, no really?)

[Central Park]

[Chinatown w/ my sister]

[59th Columbus Circle in the midst of the heatapocalypse]

  • Got a job working at not just any Sephora, but one in Time Square that is also a strategy store for the company (meaning they test out awesome projects before having the rest of the stores take part).

[The first day we had to wear red ribbons for the Holidays]

  • Made it as a blip in the news world by “saving” New York Times’ writer, Brian Stetler, from potential online humiliation.
  • Watched my sister get married in the most beautiful wedding ceremony to her best friend.

[yeah, we’re totally fake laughing, it was awkward, not that you can tell, right?]

  • I got to be Kim Kardashian’s stand-in for Lucky magazine but also meet her (even if it was like 7.8 seconds-literally!)

[At the Lucky office]

[Meet & Greet at Bloomingdale’s for the release of her jewelry line]

[Right after meeting her (we weren’t allowed to take pics). I have mad respect for the girl, the whole time I was talking she looked me in the eye and treated me like I was the only who came to meet her. She didn’t have to do that, esp. after she knew I had bought her earrings.]

  • Been to so many amazing places I use to read about when I use to dream about being in this city.

[At the Alexander McQueen exhibit in MoMA and namesake of this blog]

[The restaurant from Seinfeld, my cousin made me take him there hahahaa]

All of these are awesome events I’m so so grateful for. That’s what I love about this city, you can wake up with one plan for the day and end up doing something amazingly different.

But there is one event I know that will forever define 2011 for me…

When I was born, my father was stationed in the Rose Barracks. My mother is the youngest in her family, so my grandparents came to help out with her first baby. My grandfather had been a heavy smoker so the day I came home, he lit up a cigarette like he normally did, right? Well, my dad told him since there’s a new baby in the house, he would have to smoke outside. My grandfather, thinking nothing of it, went outside and realized that no cigarette would be able to keep him warm in the middle of that German winter, making him inevitably quit smoking. So, from there on, he would always announce on my birthday that I “saved” his life.

My grandfather passed away on November 3rd, twenty days before my birthday. There was no other birthday wish I wanted more then just to hear him tell that story one more time. I really am missing him, more then I could prepare myself to.

I’ve written before that my grandfather wasn’t famous or rich but he made key choices to make sure his children, especially his daughters, would be taken care of. I’ll forever be in debt to him for the extraordinary lives my siblings, cousins, and I get to live.

Eternally majestic…

But it’s important to remember the lives people have lived then to remember how they left, so I’m not going to dwell on the sadness of his passing. I know I can always find him in my heart and in my memories, with time never passing.

It’s time to look forward, use the pain and the happiness to propel us into 2012.