Lips red as blood
Hair black as night
Bring me your heart
My dear, dear Snow White…

The trailer for Universal Pictures’ Snow White And The Hunstman was released today to surprising fanfare.

I’ll be honest the only reason I don’t like Kristen Stewart is because she’s going out with dreamy Robert Pattison but truth be told, she completely won me over with the teaser for this film alone. Looking like a total badass, it’s refreshing to see one our classic Disney princess be depicted so independent and strong. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the beloved Disney version of Snow White but it is very archaic and reminiscent of an era when women were only depicted as being fragile and in need of saving. NBC has been real good about keeping the trailer on lock from being embedded but you can check it out here at Apple’s Trailer Park.
Since my brain cells only come in a limited amount, my eyes were immediately attracted to the aesthetics of both leading ladies’ vêtements. I was surprised but not really when I found out the consummate Colleen Atwood was the designer.
As a designer, you have to solve a lot of problems. Even though people are wearing clothes that are supposed to look beautiful, they’ll have to do all kinds of things.
– Colleen Atwood
Honestly all the gowns, outfits, ensembles that have caught your breath when
watching a film have nine out of 10 come from her. She’s won 3 Oscars and 3 BAFTAs for costume designing along with numerous nominations.
The intriguing aspect of her work is the wide spectrum she’s able to constitute.
She’s been the artist behind films like Edward Scissorhands to Memoirs Of A Geisha.
The first time that I was completely enthralled and consumed by her work was from the film, Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland.
It was to the point I tried in vain to take pictures with my phone instead of paying attention to the storyline.
But the film was in 3D IMAX,… yeah, about that…
Costumes are the first impression that you have of the character before they open their mouth-it really does establish who they are. – Colleen Atwood
In anticipation…
Ps. Today is 11/11/11 and Veteran’s Day. Let’s give thanks to the soldiers, past and present, who’ve protected us so we could all have a magical day today.


I’m home in North Carolina for the week because my grandfather passed away on Thursday. I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions of tears and laughs because my mom and her sisters keep telling us the most amazing stories about him. I am just so blessed and thankful to be his granddaughter. He was just a simple government accountant but he did his best to live right from saving what he could to help dig wells to making sure widows received their rightful pensions. My grandfather wasn’t a politician, famous, or even rich, but he was a king.

I’m really going to miss him…


[I took this picture the first week of October when my grandfather had been admitted into the hospital,(he later recovered and came home). At the time, the doctors had us (his visiting family members) suit up in gowns and gloves because of MRSA. God bless, he didn’t contract it and he was able to come home to pass away. Little did I know, this would be the last time I would get to hold his hand. My grandfather passed away painlessly & content. I know that I’ve accepted his death, it’s just the absence I’m going to have trouble getting use to…]